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24 December 2020
Lightning quick response needed to avoid more border chaos
The EU's agri-food chain has issued a joint statement outlining urgent measures to avoid more border chaos from January 1, after EU and UK trade negotiators announced the conclusion of their talks today. Read the joint statement here:
It is very positive that negotiations have finally...
23 November 2020
Europe's livestock and meat trades sector is a key player in F2F
The Union of European livestock and meat trades (UECBV) adopted yesterday at its AGM a clear position as a key actor of the Farm-to-Fork (F2F) strategy. While welcoming the European Commission's ambition to make the European food sector the global front-runner in terms of...
23 October 2020
Chance for clarification on EU-level missed for meat denominations
In today's European Parliament (EP) vote on the Single Common Market Organisation, there was also via rejection of different amendments a decision taken regarding the use of meat denominations. It means in the end status quo so the chance for clarification for a harmonised handling...
6 October 2020
Enough with surrealistic meat and dairy denominations!
European livestock organisations are launching a campaign against the misuse of meat denominations

The debate on meat and dairy denominations for plant based imitations is far more complex than it seems at first glance. If the European Parliament decides in the coming month to condone food...
18 September 2020
Ahead of the EU's Agriculture and Fisheries Council in Brussels on September 21, the agri-food trade sector calls on ministers to recognise trade as a key element of a resilient food supply chain and provide support to a strong and ambitious trade policy.

CELCAA, the European Liaison Committee for Agricultural and Agri-Food Trade, says the EU...
5 June 2020
EU agri-food chain warns of ‘growing risk' of no UK-EU trade deal
(Brussels, 4 June 2020) Ahead of the conclusion of the fourth round of negotiations on
the EU-UK future relationship, Copa and Cogeca, Celcaa and FoodDrinkEurope express
our concerns on the lack of progress during the first three rounds, and the growing risk
that no agreement will...
20 May 2020
UECBV feels need for further checks and balanced improvement of
Farm-to-Fork strategy

The European meat sector feels need for further checks and balanced improvement of the today's published Farm-to-Fork-strategy to make sure what is stated to “leave no one behind”.
Karsten Maier, Secretary General of UECBV, said: “We will analyse the text in...
12 March 2020
COVID-19 commonly known as corona virus is at the centre of all attention today, including in social media. A part from reliable information circulating from health specialists, a great amount of misinformation has flared up. Since the start of the outbreak, one of the misconceptions circulating is about getting infected by eating animal food...
5 March 2020
Representing a group of 11 Brussels-based organisations, the European organisations of the livestock chain welcome the European Commission's ambition to transform our current agri-food system through the Green Deal and more specifically the Farm to Fork strategy. As responsible actors linked to livestock farming, the whole system is willing to...
19 February 2020
Europe's rural areas and rural communities face existential threats due to rural exodus. An increasing urban-rural divide and cutting this financial lifeline would make this situation even direr. UECBV and AEMB supported the Rural Coalition and Coalition of European Agriregions deeming the recently proposed cut to rural development funding to be...
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