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26 September 2019
On 25 September 2019 UECBV launched the European Livestock Voice campaign in cooperation with like-minded EU associations
The livestock sector is today at the epicentre of public debates in Europe and beyond. These debates have become dominated by interest groups who only want to spread myths and radical views about livestock farming. Ever...
17 September 2019
To calculate the environmental performance of red meat, the European Livestock and Meat Trades Union (UECBV), in cooperation with Australia and New Zealand, has published its harmonised methodology, namely the Red Meat Footprint Category Rules (FCRs), covering beef, lamb and pork. This peer-reviewed methodology is the first of its kind for the red meat sector, with no other existing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the value chain.The main goal of the methodology is to calculate the full environmental footprint of the EU red meat in a stable, robust and science-based way.
19 July 2019
At the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting this week, the European Commission services drew the attention of the EU Member States on the need to avoid unnecessary animal suffering during animal transport exports during summer months. UECBV agrees and strongly supports a better enforcement of the legislation already existing.

UECBV and...
18 July 2019
At the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting on 15th July 2019, the state of play on African swine fever (ASF) was discussed. The situation in Europe remains stable, while in Asia the disease continues to spread at an alarming rate. Nevertheless, EU trade partners continue to raise barriers to safe EU pork. UECBV defends the idea that the...
7 June 2019
UN World Food Safety Day: EU Agri-food chain's commitment to safe food for consumers, from farm to fork

Today is the first World Food Safety Day, following its adoption by the United Nations General Assembly in 2018. To mark the day CELCAA, Copa-Cogeca, EuroCommerce, FEFAC and FoodDrinkEurope are reiterating their commitment to delivering safe...
20 May 2019
It contributes to the health of our families, our culture and traditions and our fondest memories.

In short, food is part of our identity.

“EU And My Food” is about safe and nutritious food. It's about the health of our animals and how we treat them. It's about taking care of our environment - the soil, water and air - which sustain the crops...
17 April 2019
On Wednesday 3rd April 2019, UECBV, The European Livestock and Meat Trades Union, appointed Dr Karsten Maier as the new Secretary General of the organisation.

Dr Maier is German and graduated from the University of Hohenheim, Institute for Farm Management, specialised in agronomy and economics. With over 25 years of professional experience in...
10 April 2019
CELCAA aims to engage with the current and future EU policy-makers, members of the European Parliament and potential candidates, future EU Commissioners, Commission officials, representatives of Member States and relevant stakeholders in a constructive dialogue on the trade opportunities for the European agri-food sector.

UECBV is a member of...
20 December 2018
Copa-Cogeca and UECBV takeaways from the Ministerial Conference on African Swine Fever eradication

For the first time, Agriculture and Environment Ministers gathered yesterday in Brussels at a joint event to reflect upon the control and eradication of African Swine Fever (ASF), at the initiative of the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety,...
11 December 2018
Brussels (Tuesday 11 December 2018). On 6th December 2018, the European Livestock and Meat Trades Union (UECBV) held its annual general meeting (AGM) at the Residence Palace in Brussels. Under the theme: “Think globally but act locally”, the political and economic challenges of the European meat industry were tackled. The sector is boldly facing...
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