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UECBV collaborates with other partners brought together within the organisation, related to the meat industry and which benefit from “piggybacking” on the existing structures of the UECBV.
  • AEMB - European Livestock Markets
  • ENSCA - European Casing Industry
  • OCEAN - European Ship Suppliers Industry
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ENSCA represents national natural casings associations from 11 EU Member States and an increasing number of private companies. Its mission is divers but is focused on the interests of the European natural casing industry. The European Natural Sausage Casings Association shall have a non-profit making aim of international utility, and more precisely, the following objectives: to promote free and fair trade of natural casings as product of animal origin suitable for human consumption;to represent the national associations of the different member states of the European Union; to coordinate and support contacts of members with their national authorities in cooperation with the national member association concerned; to establish and improve official links between the natural sausage casings industry and organisations dealing with issues relating to the industry; to develop and encourage the adoption of common policies within the natural sausage casings industry towards European governmental and non-governmental bodies and institutions; to co-operate with such European bodies by providing expert advice; to provide members with information concerning the actions of these European bodies in order to encourage an exchange of information and experience, with special regard to legislation and the results of scientific research; by working together with European bodies, encourage the uniform adoption of objective science-based criteria when deciding on common standards for the trade in natural sausage casings; to initiate scientific research and to support the legal position of natural casings; the Association may join other related associations in order to support these objectives. Link: ENSCA - European Natural Sausage Casing Association
OCEAN - the European Ship Suppliers Organization - is the voice of the Ship Supplying Industry of Europe. Founded in 1976 under the French Title “Organisation de la Communauté Européenne des Avitailleurs de Navires”, today OCEAN concentrates its work on achieving an optimum business climate for European Ship Suppliers and on strengthening the competitiveness of the industry as a whole. OCEAN plays an important role in creating better understanding of the Ship Supply industry in Europe. Our organization is committed to transparent and open communication and inclusive dialogue between our members and European policy-makers. Today, OCEAN represents over 750 Ship Chandlers (more than 250,000 jobs) who supply a wide range of goods to several hundred thousands ships annually in most of the 1,200 merchant ports throughout the 70,000 km of the European coastline. Ship Suppliers provide a 24 hour service throughout the year and are an essential element of modern maritime trade and a vibrant shipping industry, which is responsible for 90% of the EU's international trade and around 40% of the freight exchanges between EU Member States (Source: EU Commission). OCEAN speaks on European policy matters affecting our daily business, particularly Customs (import, export and transit); Taxation (Excise & VAT); Veterinary rules and Maritime Affairs. Lien : OCEAN - European Ship Suppliers Industry

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