Our work
UECBV provides its member federations with an acute knowledge on the EU policies related to their interest and makes sure that their voice is always taken into account at EU level.

UECBV secretariat coordinates the work of its experts through sections and committees tackling meat industry, international trade and livestock issues.

When required, an EU meat sector expert working group can draft a position paper on key issues which, once approved, are communicated to European and international decision-makers aiming at shaping legislative and non-legislative developments impacting on the industry.

UECBV is an active member of the EU advisory groups. UECBV addresses the EU meat sector interests through eight themes: agriculture, health and consumers, trade, industry and EU funded research projects, climate change and environment, competition, social affairs and customs union, indirect taxation.

UECBV is a member of the EU civil dialogue groups on:
  • Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  • Livestock Products
  • Quality of Agricultural Products
  • Environment
  • Advisory group of the food chain and animal health
  • Promotion
  • Rural development

  • In addition, UECBV is part of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) registered Stakeholders and is a member of the EFSA consultative group on Emerging Risks.

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