IFOAM EU meets business – Food companies
30 October 2018
UECBV would like topromote the IFOAM event that will take place on 30th October 2018 in Brussels.
UECBV will be represented at that meeting.

Description of the event: IFOAM EU and its Interest Group of Organic Processors and traders (IGOP) work on a variety of issues impacting their work, with the aim of shaping strategies and policies that advance the organic sector. This meeting will be an opportunity for IFOAM EU, IGOP and food companies to discuss relevant topics in the organic sector, to share information and exchange on best practices, to understand each other’s perspectives and most importantly to debate and shape the direction to take in the next working period.

The morning session will be an information sharing session where participants will present their organisations and interests and be introduced to the work of IFOAM EU and IGOP. This session will be followed by a plenary on residues and contaminants.
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